Catch that speck of hate, which you created;
Hold it, and convert it into love.
Grow with it, then release it
To the world.

I wrote those lines for a fellow student and friend at university, Andy T.,  who had a lot of anger.  He was much impressed and took the poem away with him.  It also worked for me, as part of the introspection which was already part of my life by then.  I was really able to catch myself in the process of thinking a nasty thought, and hold the thought, cherish it and change it into a loving one.  It was quite a revelation and several of my friends took it on board.  Nowadays there’s not much hate in my life, but I filter my feelings less too.

Fear and anxiety are powerful stalkers, and this prayer tackles them in a wonderfully original and peaceful way.  It might seem strange at first, but it really works. It is taken from Meditative Prayers For Today by Adam Bittleston, published by The Christian Community Press.

May the events that seek me
come unto me;
May I receive them
with a quiet mind
Through the Father’s ground of peace
on which we walk.

May the people who seek me
come unto me;
May I receive them
with an understanding heart
Through the Christ’s stream of love
in which we live.

May the spirits which seek me
come unto me;
May I receive them
with a clear soul
Through the healing Spirit’s Light
by which we see.