5 comments on “Haunting Dream

  1. What stroke me is that you wanted to belong more to a place than to a group of people, wanting to be there when people weren’t around. You wanted to be there, but didn’t want to be seen. I also noticed how you wanted to defend yourself, finding a reason for the man to allow you in the garden. What are you afraid of?

    It’s interesting the child sensed you. In dreams children often represent ourselves, our inner child during times of innocence and purity. Sometimes we might long for the past, our childhood, a chance to satisfy repressed desires and unfulfilled hopes. I don’t think the child ‘gave you away’, perhaps it recognised your sense of belonging, not only to a place, but to a group as well.

    Hiding might indicate there’s an issue you don’t want to deal with.

    Perhaps some areas in the garden being more wild, and some more formal, indicates there are different aspects of you, some aspects you might keep on a short leash, or under control, while other aspects get the chance to freely develop. Perhaps the stones will point you in a certain direction.

    Of course, I could also be blabbering 🙂

  2. Some dreams are just dreams. Accumulations of randomness. Some however, carry a wealth of meaning, and our personal interpretation can change us in many and varied ways.

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