10 comments on “The sad thing about Plurk, and the happy thing

  1. This actually makes me a bit teary as I read it and think of our mutual friend who left Plurk today. The silly thing (on my part) is that she is someone that I see in Real Life on a regular basis. Still, I feel a loss.
    Thanks for your thoughts. I am glad to have met you on Plurk.

  2. Yes, it’s certainly sad. I feel the community of her ex-plurk-friends drawn a little closer together actually. I’m glad for you that you can see her and spend time together. I plan to use email and read her blog, maybe blog a bit more myself. Do you feel your on-line relationship is different from your real-life one? Do you feel your real-life relationship deepened by the on-line one?

  3. That was lovely, Lemon (I always liked how our mutual friend referred to you sometimes as simply ‘Lemon’). I will read it again tomorrow or the next day to take it in again…Alison

  4. No, I don’t think our online relationship is different than our real-life one. I have known her almost 8 years. I will miss knowing the daily details of her life that come out on Plurk though.
    I have also realized that all of my true PlurkFriends (excepting family and friends I know in RealLife) are people I met through her.

  5. I imagine this must be what it would be like to be at one’s own funeral.:D

    That was a lovely, articulate piece, Lemongrass. I, too, am an overcomitter. I’ve experienced more grief than I would have predicted this week.

  6. I hope we haven’t been too mawkish! I can see the upside of being at one’s own funeral. Think of all the hugging and comforting one could do.

    I’ve been thinking more about this episode and there is a part of me which resents the time and effort I put into Plurking. I used to do different online things, particularly web coding, and I don’t do that anymore because Plurking is easy and rewarding. We need to find our balances, and I haven’t found mine.

  7. You have expressed my feelings about Plurk so much better than I could. It is so sad that so many are leaving our group. Plurk is such a better platform than Twitter for getting to know people.

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