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  1. It’s great that you visited Korea & know a lot about the country & its history.

    I’m surprised that the North Korean nuclear crisis was a a deciding factor on whether you should go to Korea or not. Even in the worst crises, Koreans are very blase about the North & their national security because they think that North is just bluffing & acting tough. South Koreans generally think that North Korea lacks the technological capability to build a nuclear weapon & the South Korean military completely outdwarfs the North Korean military that still relies on old Russian machines dating back from the 1950s.

    About the water… were you expecting some chemical toxins or parasites in uncooked stuffs? It never occurred to me that foreigners might expect things like that in Korea.

  2. I was worried about parasites in the water transferring to the salads – we get advised to be careful about what we eat when we go to cultures which are unlike home. I have a compromised immune system so I need to be quite careful. Being so ignorant about the country made me more cautious as well.

    I’d be interested in your view about how Koreans regard their neighbours in China, Japan and Russia. I got one impression in the museum, but how are the neighbouring countries regarded?

  3. Interesting reads as this coming 21st, am heading South Korea with my parents. Is it safe to drink the water over there? From your writings, there seemed to be hazardous of consuming it.

    And… lovely cake from the hotel 🙂 I bet you’re totally surprised ei? Lemongrass somemore your favourite.

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